Permission to Reuse

No part of materials published in The Global Outreach Journal of Dental Research & Education (GOJDRE) may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher.

Some requests from other STM signatory publishers qualify for gratis reuse. The STM Permission Guidelines facilitate many routine permission requests among publisher signatories. The Guidelines note that requests for small portions of text and a limited number of illustrations should be granted on a gratis basis for signatory participants, and further describe a more automatic process which eliminates the need for requests to be transmitted (some signatories have chosen this route, others continue to request express permission requests). The Guidelines apply to both book and journal content, and facilitate reproduction further editions or in other media such as in online form. See the STM website for details:

Please visit the following website for permission forms and for more information about how to obtain permission to reproduce published data: As a general rule, permission should be sought from the rights holder to reproduce any substantial part of a copyrighted work. This includes any text, illustrations, charts, tables, photographs, or other material from previously published sources. Obtaining permission to re-use content published by Elsevier is simple. Follow the guide below for a quick and easy route to permission.

Questions about obtaining permission? Contact the Permissions Helpdesk at or +1-800-523-4069 x 3808.